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Six Best Copywriting Phrases That Drive Sales Like Crazy

You must be tired of those bland copywriting phrases that don’t pass the test of marketing, aren’t you?

The truth is, we live in a busy world where everything seems to compete for our attention. There seems to be so much noise from all angles, from the crying baby to the angry boss. It is safe to say that every 24-hour journey has the potential to get you emotionally drained.

Even with this said noise, companies must try to pass their message across. From print media to social media, there is one thing that keeps popping up “Hey, come and buy this… Buy that…” How frustrating can this be? 

Dear marketer, I had to put you in the customer’s shoes so that you can feel what the average person goes through daily. It’s indeed a very noisy marketplace. In the market, attention is king; he who has their heart has their cash. 

In this noisy market, sales are still being closed daily; transactions are continuously made. How is this possible? Through the power of irresistible words and phrases that most companies use in sales copywriting to get their customers’ attention.

In a few minutes, you will see some of the copywriting phrases that sell like crazy. You will also find out how these phrases turn the “I don’t care about you” customer to a “Please take my cash now” customer.

Enhance Your Life

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Everyone has built castles and swam in gold in a world called “imagination” at some point in their lives. The truth is, everybody wants to have a better life. That is why it seems as if customers are selfish; they care about what’s in it for them. 

 Using the phrase “Enhance your life” in your sales copy is synonymous with just saying “new and improved.” Instead of focusing on the customers’ attention to the product, showing them that their enhancements are for their life would sell like crazy.

Absolutely Free

Have you ever tried the power of FREE to drive sales in a marketplace? This singular phrase can do wonders to your copywriting and sales goals. Most companies and businesses use this to get prospects on their mailing lists and warm them up. 

People are not that busy; they just have not given their time to listen to you. This phrase can buy you time and build authority if appropriately used.

Limited Slots Available

This gives a sense of urgency to your products and services. Never give your customer a reason to rethink your offer. The way customer psychology works is such that a second that is invested in reviewing your proposal leads to losing your sale.

People never want to miss out. Creating a sense of urgency and showing scarcity is a way to get them to buy. The advice here is to create a product/service that is worth the scarcity/urgency made.

You Deserve More

As long as you are in the copywriting business, you should always follow the “value in advance” rule. How does this apply here? 

Everyone wants compliment or praise; it’s pure human nature. In this case, a value you can render might be to continue the conversation in your prospects’ minds (tell them how lovely they are).

It would be even more powerful if your product can always remind them of how great they are or make others see how good they are. Let’s face it; everybody secretly says, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall…” If you use this phrase in your sales copy, they will take action fast.

Ideal Choice

As always said, “Emotions make customers buy even before logic.” You can drive future sales and prevent refunds by including this phrase in your sales copy. It reassures the customer that they made a wise decision to patronize you. 

It not only reassures but massages their ego, so they have something to say to that overly analytical part of their brains that tries to tell them otherwise after a sale.

Money-Back Guarantee

money -back guarantee

Most customers don’t buy because the marketplace has given them multiple reasons to disbelief just any system that seeks to sell. The reason is that lots of persons have been scammed. 

Giving out your money as a consumer to purchase a product or service is quite a risk. What if the product isn’t what you said it was? What if it’s just another scheme to steal from me? These questions keep popping up in their heads.

How do you handle this? The money-back guarantee. It means that you are placing all the risk on yourself rather than them—the lesser the perceived risk, the more sales you will make.

You can bypass the noise of the market and make sure sales steadily. The right words and phrases provoke the proper responses. The trick to having mega sales is to target your ads and sales copies to your customers’ emotions only. 

There you have it! 6 phrases to skyrocket your sales.

Gaining your customer’s attention is not that difficult, especially when you have a trusted writing agency like ours to help you with your copywriting needs.

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